My Policy on Identifying and Verifying Shaligrams

As this blog has grown, I have been getting more and more requests to identify or verify Shaligram stones; to make a determination of their manifestation or their authenticity. This is something I have always been happy to help with. However, the number of requests has grown to such a degree where I have to formalize my policy.

My policy on performing this service is:

  • I will identify or verify one or two Shaligrams for free. It takes about 10-15 minutes per shila to make a full evaluation and I am happy to answer questions when I can.
  • If you would like me to identify more than two Shaligrams, I ask for $5 (US) per identification to cover time and the textual work involved.(Up to 10 shilas).
  • If you would like me to identify more than 10 Shaligrams, we can discuss the amount of time the collection is likely to take and negotiate accordingly.
Mahadevi Lakshmi Shaligram (Left) — Mahadevi Sudarshan Shaligram (Right)

7 thoughts on “My Policy on Identifying and Verifying Shaligrams

  1. Sir i have one shaligram.would you please tell me what shaligram and is that. Pls give me your mobile no so that i can send video.

  2. The easiest way to send me Shaligram images or video is via email: prolegomenon(at)

    Or, my WhatsApp +1-781-330-3121

  3. Dr Walters – if a salagram appears with almost perfect chakra, but they have added some black paint or whatever – which on scraping comes off in powder – showing the grey stone beneath – would that be a fake shaligram?

  4. Dr Walters are shaligrams that are split open to reveal the chakras within, there are numerous ones in the market, are we to count it as one shaligram or two?

  5. This is a matter of pretty serious debate, unfortunately. This is largely because, as I have mentioned before, Shaligrams are not supposed to be broken. And if they are broken, should not be included in home worship. In practice, however, I have seen split Shaligrams kept in home mandirs. In these cases, if the two halves still fit together and are from the same Shaligram, they are counted as one. If they can no longer be placed together or are from two different Shaligrams, they count as two.

  6. Hello,

    Is first week of November a good time to visit Muktinath Temple? I want to take bath in Gandaki River and I want to find Shaligram ji as well.

    Please advise.

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