Outward Spirals: A Guide to Shaligram Interpretive Traditions (TLS Press, 2024)

I finally have some good news to share about the Shaligram interpretive guide that I know so many of you have been asking me about for the past few years. Well, we finally have a release date!

March 2024.

The book manuscript currently covers 90 Shaligram name-types with several of their variations and Puranic references. This means that I have documented most of the primary types of Shaligrams identified by multiple religious traditions and their most common appearances. But, it is important to remember that I certainly haven’t been able to cover ever possible variation or manifestation (which I talk about in the introduction). However, I sincerely hope that this book will allow me to give back to so many Shaligram practitioners, devotees, and communities who have helped me in my research over the past ten years.

It’s hard to believe that I have dedicated a decade to learning Shaligram interpretive traditions. I’ve lived in India for a time and spent over two years in Mustang, Nepal focusing on the Kali Gandaki pilgrimage route specifically. Along the way, I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to meet and work with gurus, sadhus, ritual specialists, and devotees from all over the world. It is my hope that this book reflects all of that accumulated knowledge and makes it accessible to anyone and everyone who wants it.

I will, of course, talk about the book more as we close in on the release, but I wanted to thank you all for your help and support of this work. It will be a happy day when the book, with photos and drawings all included, is finally out in the world.

A Krishna Gopala Shaligram from the author’s personal collection.

9 thoughts on “Outward Spirals: A Guide to Shaligram Interpretive Traditions (TLS Press, 2024)

  1. Dr Walter’s please keep us posted re the new book release on Saligram interpretation- looking forward

  2. Yes! Thank you for the reminder. I have just finished reviewing the proof copy of the manuscript. We’re going to add a few more photos and then we will be on track for a spring 2024 publication!

  3. Hello Dr Walters
    I have been reading various posts and reviews from your end.
    The Details are splendid yet so simple to comprehend
    I am.planning a yatra soon Muktinath -early June 2024 and your content has given me a lot of insight/inputs.This is a Divya Desam yatra for me being a vaishnavaite
    I hope I can make it for my Yatra find some Shaligrams to bring back from Jomsom or Kagbeni.-Along the banks or to buy if possible as have made a mention
    Is your book a guide to various Shaligrams released?”Outward Spirals”
    Would be very nice to get a copy or even an e-book as it will only help me learn more.

    Thank you

  4. “Outward Spirals” comes out this October! The manuscript is completely finished and off to the printing press. We just have to wait until the official release date and then I will post links on the blog for anyone who wants a copy.

  5. October! The manuscript is completely finished and off to the printing press. Just waiting on the official release date.

  6. “Outward Spirals” will be released this October! Not to worry. I will post links to the book here as soon as it is available to the public!

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