Great News! The “Guide to Shaligrams” Has a Publisher!

Wonderful announcement everyone!!

My second manuscript, designed for a popular general audience, finally has a publisher! I can hardly believe it but the book will be coming out in 2023!

I have planned a guide that details each type of Shaligram with photographs and line drawings explaining exactly how each shila is identified and what characteristics mean what.

Stay tuned for more information as I work on revisions and updates!


All thanks and praises to Shaligram shila for this blessing!

5 thoughts on “Great News! The “Guide to Shaligrams” Has a Publisher!

  1. Congratulations Dr Walters. Look forward to the book. How do we come to know when it is published?

  2. Dear Dr Waters,
    I just returned from a journey in the upper Spiti region. Our most honorable guide has much more depth to describe and identify shaligramas. I just came across your blog as I was looking for images of different types. Thank you for your work. Blessings to you in your journey to help preserve the standards and truth.

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