This blog is comprised of my thoughts and commentary, but I encourage everyone who visits Peregrination to consider and discuss what I have written. I am primarily interested in facilitating thought and dialogue regarding important issues in anthropology and archaeology and to help dispel some of the myths and falsehoods that dog this fascinating discipline. While relevant issues abound, I can only pick and choose…such is the failing of having limited time and personal bandwidth.

J. Foster is a pen name. While I don’t typically discuss myself in public forums, I will say that I have a degree in Anthropology/Archaeology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (my focus was religious and linguistic anthropology/Medieval anthropology) where I participated in an archaeological dig in northern Belize (Lowland Maya). I am currently a doctoral candidate in Cultural Anthropology (focusing on religion, language, and gender) at Brandeis University. I have previously conducted fieldwork on Hindu ritual practice in West Bengal, northern India. My current ethnographic work focuses on ritual practice, religious syncretism, pilgrimage, and national identity in Mustang District, Nepal. I am personally interested in myth and ritual, religious anthropology, semiotics, ethnography, and linguistics.

If you have additional comments for questions about anything you read here, I encourage you to contact me at prolegomenon@gmail.com.

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